Our printing process is tailored for photographers and visual artists in search of printing excellence. We distinguish ourselves from the high street printer for a variety of reasons. Importantly, we never rush the printing process, something which can so often result in a sub-standard experience for the customer. We are passionate about taking the time needed the ensure everything is done correctly.

We are happy to spend time sitting down with our clients ensuring that files are prepared correctly for printing. We also examine the files ourselves just prior to printing to ensure that there will be no problems. If we spot any issue that may have been previously looked over, we will contact the client immediately. We have put this safeguard in place to help to ensure the highest standards are maintained.

We take colour management very seriously. We go to great lengths to ensure our equipment is calibrated precisely and using the correct profiles at all times. Our inks used are pigment-based Ultrachrome high dynamic range wide gamut archival inks from Epson. We stock Hahnemühle papers and also can issue Hahnemühle certificates of authenticity as artist’s proof. Additionally we stock Hahnemühle protective spray which can be applied in order to add additional durability to the print.

Our goal is always to create an experience of complete satisfaction for all our clients. Therefore we value feedback from our clients in order to maintain a track record of printing excellence.

All files should ideally be prepared as .TIF or .JPG files set at 8 bits per colour and 360ppi.

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